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Public Procurement

STRATA offers public procurement consultancy in all the main sectors:

  • Major works
  • Projects
  • Services
  • Supplies

On behalf of its Clients (public and private entities, public administrations, and local health authorities), the company addresses legal and administrative matters related to the execution of public works, though public tenders, concessions, project financing, general contracting, and any other forms provided for by applicable laws on public works.

The legal and administrative assistance provided by STRATA covers every phase of the process, from awarding to testing.

Services provided by STRATA in this area include:

  • Assistance understanding the awarding procedure
  • Drawing up notices, specifications, invitations and other tender documents
  • Assistance during the pre-qualification and tender phases
  • Online assistance to answer questions from competitors or the contracting authorities
  • Reporting
  • Communications between contracting authorities and competitors
  • Verification of compliance with the requirements incumbent upon the contracting parties
  • Drawing up contracts

Particularly important, within the context of managing implementation processes, are the services provided by STRATA to obtain the agreements and authorisations required to ensure the feasibility of public works and their actual implementation. These include:

  • Preliminary assessments of the constraints, programmes and public interventions relating to the areas affected by the works;
  • Assistance carrying out the procedures required to obtain the Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • Assistance drawing up, reviewing and duly submitting the administrative documents required to complete the project implementation procedures, and drafting the documents required to participate in any Service Conferences and to sign Programme Agreements. Services provided by STRATA in this area include:
    • analysing, with Clients, the procedural steps required to complete the works and solve any associated issues;
    • identifying and listing all the competent bodies with regard to the works to be carried out, based on the project plans and any environmental impact assessments;
    • establishing contacts and seeking agreements - in collaboration with Clients and according to their instructions - with the bodies concerned, in order to ascertain their requirements in terms of the documentation and administrative information to be submitted;
    • providing support and assistance drawing up contracts and agreements with the bodies concerned with regard to their specific documentation and information requirements. Depending on the instructions provided by Clients, our assistance in this regard may also extend to drawing up the necessary administrative deeds and submitting same to the bodies concerned;
  • Assistance and support during Service Conferences;
  • Assistance and support carrying out the administrative activities required to implement the decisions taken at Service Conferences and/or set out in Programme Agreements;
  • Assistance and support reaching agreements with the relevant bodies and performing the administrative activities required to implement the decisions taken at Service Conferences and/or set out in Programme Agreements;
  • Assistance and support liaising with other service providers and with infrastructure managers, drawing up draft agreements to resolve interferences and relocate services and infrastructures, reviewing the preliminary administrative documentation, and completing all the relevant procedures, excluding technical and economic ones.

STRATA helps Clients conduct Service Conferences and sign Programme Agreements by:

  • identifying the relevant procedural laws;
  • calling and arranging Service Conferences and/or Programme Agreements;
  • preparing the required administrative documents (calls, notices, correspondence with participating and interfering bodies, and prospectuses to be sent to participating and interfering bodies, including datasheets, conference programmes, registration documents, and any forms required);
  • assessing the legal and administrative documents and files submitted by participants and solving any issues;
  • reporting on conferences;
  • helping conference participants draw up preliminary agreements with the bodies and stakeholders involved;
  • studying and preparing the acts of consent of participants;
  • providing legal and administrative assistance and support to the conference's president and secretary;
  • managing legal and administrative relations with the relevant bodies.

If the Client is required to entrust the work to third parties, either in whole or in part, STRATA provides functional assistance:

  • drawing up notices, tender documents and invitations to tender;
  • analytically reviewing, from a substantive and formal point of view, the documentation submitted by undertakings or groupings during the pre-qualification or awarding phase, drawing up the selection criteria to be adopted, highlighting all key factors thereof, and compiling individual data sheets;
  • setting up and managing a database to create and update lists of trusted firms and to manage the pre-qualification and tendering procedures;
  • assisting clients during the tendering and awarding phases and, in particular, drawing up the tender documents required for the adjudication and awarding of contracts for works and supplies, including drawing up contracts and ensuring compliance with anti-mafia requirements.

Services provided by STRATA in this area include:

  • administrative management of easement and expropriation procedures;
  • drawing up any necessary forms;
  • assistance with expropriation procedures, entry into possession and determination of indemnities;
  • assistance stipulating voluntary transfer deeds;
  • pre-litigation management.

Services provided by STRATA in this area include:

  • identifying parties subject to safety requirements;
  • drawing up documentation related to work and procurement contracts;
  • information concerning requirements for the design of workplaces;
  • application of first-aid rules;
  • identification of the obligations laid down by law (accidents registers, safety meetings, workplace inspections) and delegation of functions concerning occupational safety;
  • staff training;
  • structural and organisational measures aimed at fulfilling employers' obligations;
  • drawing up of employer service instructions;
  • risk assessment;
  • implementation of security measures;
  • verification of technical and administrative requirements.

In managing such relations, STRATA provides the following assistance and consulting services:

  • Delivery of works and drafting the Works Supervisor’s documentation;
  • Correspondence with contractors;
  • Analysis of specific concerns;
  • Drafting additional contractual documentation;
  • Drawing up amicable agreements;
  • Extra-judicial documentation.

STRATA provides highly specialised consultancy services in terms of:

  • document identification;
  • legal and administrative examination of any disputes and of alternative solutions;
  • investigative reports;
  • pattern matching.

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