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Financial Consulting

The prompt availability of adequate financial resources is essential for the implementation of infrastructure. 

STRATA helps its Clients access public, private, EU and international funds.

Its services concern the financial and administrative aspects of obtaining the financial resources required for the implementation of interventions or projects.

To this end, STRATA provides:

  • advice and assistance in locating funding opportunities and preparing the application documents to be submitted to the competent authorities;
  • economic and administrative assistance to obtain funding from national and international agencies and credit institutions, such as loans issued by the European Investment Bank and grants from the European Regional Development Fund, including analysing access to private and public credit and use of the funds obtained;
  • assistance preparing and submitting, to the competent national and EU authorities and/or to the private entities identified, the relevant requests, as well preparing and submitting the required documents, technical dossiers and cost-benefit analyses;
  • legal and administrative assistance to promoters in order to define and submit project financing proposals for the implementation of public works or utilities.

Additional services include:

  • participation in meetings to present and assess financing proposals and monitoring the relevant procedure;
  • fulfilment of the activities and formalities required to issue the loans, ensuring approval of the request.

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